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2019 - Summer Edition

When God’s plan is greater than your troubles

If you live in Milton, chances are you’re already familiar with our beautiful cover family. Over the years, Daphne and Shahzad Siddique have been...


Hello Readers! It has been an eventful few weeks leading up to the production of this issue. Spring is always a busy time for our...

Vision Therapy: Looking Beyond 20/20

Vision is learned, we are not born with these visual skills. We develop vision through interaction with our environment.

Don’t let summer side track your health goals

Barbecue season is finally upon us! With that said, it’s important to have some solid strategies on how to keep things as healthy as possible during the summer months. Here are a few tips on how you can have a healthy summer barbecue that’s still full of flavour. At the end of the article we’ve also provided a delicious BBQ sauce recipe that you won’t want to miss out on!

Thermography and Inflammation

Thermography is a non-invasive health assessment method that aids in the detection of underlying issues such as inflammation. It does this by detecting heated areas and thermal patterns in the body with an infrared camera.

HOW LIFE INSURANCE Needs Change Over Time

Life can bring so many momentous occasions, from marriage to babies, and from mortgages to retirement. Obviously I have skipped a few steps along the way, but needless to say, your life may change several times before your retirement.

TEACHING YOUR CHILD how to resolve conflict

Especially between loved ones, conflict can be emotionally distressing. It is not uncommon for adults to find it difficult to manage conflict when emotions are high, and as a parent you may find the task of teaching your child conflict management daunting.

Stepping Outside the Pressure Cooker:

“He’s a workaholic”, I hear you say about your colleague. “He needs to find a better work-life balance”. We all know the dangers that working too intensely take on our physical and mental health, family relationships, general happiness and emotional wellbeing. We acknowledge this is the case for adults. Yet, every year many young people in primary and secondary education give up their hobbies, including sports and performing arts, to work intensely for seemingly endless tests and examinations. Doesn’t this seem rather counter-intuitive to you?

A CHILD’S First Visit

Today, parents want to be an active participant in their child’s health and development. These expectations are also translated to dental care and prevention of dental diseases. Prevention is the key to a child’s healthy mouth; it is much easier to prevent decay rather than to treat it.