Author: Yvonne Oliveira

WHAT IS Auditory Processing?

When a child has normal hearing, yet has difficulty listening in the classroom ‘central auditory processing (CAPD)’ or auditory processing disorder (APD) are the terms that are often used. Auditory processing is the process in which the ears detect sound at normal levels (as determined by a hearing test), however, as the sound travels along the auditory pathway to the brain, it is the inability of the brain to process the message. Essentially, auditory processing is how the brain comprehends messages; this can also be further complicated by difficulties with language processing or receptive language, which is different than...

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Speech Sound Development Checklist

Individual speech sounds develop gradually, and there is a hierarchy of sounds where some sounds develop earlier than others. The following is a guideline for approximate ages for specific sound development: By age 3 – 4: p, b, m, h, w f, k, g y (as in yes), ng By age 6: s, z, sh (as in ‘shoe’) ch (as in chair), j (as in jump), v l (lamp) By age 7: Consistency with /l/ and l-blends (as in ‘flower’ and ‘slide’) zh (as in ‘azure’) ‘th’ (think, mother) /r/ and r-blends (as in ‘frog’) By age 8-9: All...

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