Author: Vanessa Matias

Create a foundation for a healthy financial future

When building a house, you always start with a solid foundation. It makes sense to do the same when building a financial plan. We can’t always predict or prevent difficulties in our lives, but we can still plan for some of the unknowns. When building a financial plan, it’s important to first take care of the “noncontrollable events.” You can take steps toward having good health or a long life, but you’re never completely in control. Most people have recognized the value of life insurance. It’s just as important to recognize the value of health insurance. If you became...

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Think You Don’t Need Life Insurance – Think Again!

Your hard work and dedication has paid off – the result of a successful business endeavor or a lucrative business that you built. You’ve established a comfortable lifestyle where you enjoy your beautiful home, drive a nice car and maybe even have a nice waterfront property. You may believe that your success means you don’t need life insurance because you can self-insure against the unexpected financial burdens life throws your way. But is that really the case? For the average Canadian, life insurance provides protection for the family when there’s a death and the income stops. Life insurance can...

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Protect Your Family – Now and In the Future

At the beginning of a “living-together” relationship, life is pretty simple. Your biggest responsibilities are paying the rent, buying groceries and deciding whose turn it is to clean up. It’s not until you buy your first home that you feel the need to do something to protect your investment. It’s not uncommon for mortgage protection to be your first encounter with insurance. If the unthinkable were to happen, insurance can provide a tax-free, lump-sum to cover the mortgage or other expenses. Life insurance to cover your mortgage is an easy conversation to have with your partner, but the conversation shouldn’t end there. Tragedy can take many forms,...

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