Author: Tania Fernandes

Lifestyle Real Estate: It’s All About the Experience

Buyers are seeking a new kind of experience when purchasing a home. My savvy buyer is not only buying a property – they are buying a lifestyle. Modern buyers are looking for the whole package: a neighbourhood and community that fits their lifestyle, offering entertainment and healthy choices. The list of wants and needs has expanded beyond features and benefits within the home, to include opportunities within a short walk or drive from the property. The available schools in the neighbourhood are topping the list; buyers are seeking schools that offer their children educational opportunities that will elevate their...

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A smooth transition for the Kids

Moving is a stressful time – especially for kids. Here are five easy ways to help them feel like part of the process, and relieve built up stress during this time of transition. Take the kids house hunting. Involving your kids in the house hunting process might seem a bit hectic (and in truth, it can be), however bringing them with you will go a long way in helping them feel excited about their new home. Go one step further and let them choose their bedroom, or playroom, so they will begin to visualize themselves living in the new...

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Five Steps to Navigating Your Way Through a Bidding War

Being prepared for the current fast-paced real estate market is the only way to ensure success when buying, selling, or investing in a home. I would like to share with you my five steps to navigating your way through a bidding war when buying a home to ensure you come out on top. This is in addition to already being pre-approved and knowing your price range. Pre-inspection: To make your offer as attractive as possible, it is important to ensure that you are able to waive the inspection condition. In order to do so, you will want to complete...

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