Author: Susana Medeiros

Living the Sweet Life

High school sweethearts with rural roots in Listowel, Ontario, Les and Heather started their first year of marriage in Milton. They lived on Queen street, behind the old Quality Greens supermarket on Main. Heather reminisces with great fondness, shopping in the historic building for her groceries: “it was the first time anyone ever asked if I’d like them to take the tops off my carrots for me!” The couple remembers their first year of marriage in Milton as lots of fun. “Our place was in the middle of things, our friends used to come over and we’d all go...

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Message from the Publisher

As this year comes to an end, I am reminded of how quickly time passes. With every year, I find time passes faster. I have truly come to appreciate and understand the value of time. I was recently introduced to an online questionnaire which helps one determine their core values. It takes you through a series of in-depth questions about yourself and your day-to-day life, and compiles information about your answers into evaluative categories. Eventually, through a lengthy process, it reveals your top core values. On the top of my list was self; the fact that I value myself...

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I Will Gladly Pay the Price Increase to the Fall Fair

As a Miltonian and a lover of all things Fall, the Milton Fall Fair, or any Fall Fair, is always a real treat for me. Every year, hard working volunteers put together a great event with a midway, a demolition derby, truck and tractor pull, a petting zoo and so much more!  The cost has typically been $10 for admission.  It has always featured local bands as well.  This year, the charge for the Friday only, will be increased to $20.  While some are frowning on the price increase.  I thought I would try to shed some light. This year,...

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Haunted House Raises Spooktacular Funds for MDHF

On August 18, 2017, the Milton District Hospital Foundation was pleased to receive a cheque for $11,327 from the Haunted House Committee who raised vital funds for MDHF and the hospital by organizing the 7th Annual Haunted House at Milton Mall last October. The two-day, weekend event brought in thousands of Milton locals, who enjoyed the frightfully fun festivities featuring strategically placed animatronics, props and lighting to create the spooky atmosphere. In lieu of an admission fee, the Haunted House asked for donations to benefit the Milton District Hospital Foundation. “We’re delighted to accept this donation from the Milton...

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