Saturday, July 24, 2021

Sandy Jamieson


I know the power of a positive mindset, the joy of fully living in the moment and the gift of gratitude for everything. And I trust it all! I've been described as a visual artist and called 'the girl that gets stuff done'. Really, I just follow my heart in everything I do! Through my podcast and blog I hope to inspire you to be your most authentic self and to live the life you deserve to live. I share my life experiences and personal journey to finding more peace, balance, happiness, vibrant health and lasting love! Follow 1010Zen on Instagram and Facebook. New content every Monday morning at 10:10am!




Sandy Jamieson


4 years ago in a gym changeroom, a mom shared a tip with me that changed my life.  At the time my girls were 1...

Make Time For Friends

I’ve had 4 girls nights in a row this past week, ending with my girlfriend and her daughter having a sleepover on Saturday night....

‘Tis The Season

It’s that time of year again!! I’ve always loved Christmas and now as a mother with two little girls, I love it even...

A Different Direction

Sometimes life goes in a different direction than we plan.  And when you come from the perspective that everything that happens is the best...