Author: Paul Groulx B.A., LLB.

Children First

In terms of family mediation, what does it mean to be child-focused? When deciding the arrangements for children, judges are to consider the best interests of the child. So, what is the child-centered approach to parenting in a divorce? Children have rights after a divorce; they have the right to a meaningful, nurturing relationship with each parent. They have the right to two homes where he or she is cherished. They have the right to two parents who share in raising them. They have the right to be free from hearing, observing or being involved in their parents’ conflicts....

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Consider Family Mediation

Are you experiencing a change in the family? Divorce? Consider Family Mediation to try to resolve any disagreements. Mediation is a confidential agreement-reaching process in which the neutral mediator offers meaningful assistance to the parents/ spouses who in good faith try to reach agreement in a collaborative, consensual, and informed manner. Mediation will succeed in improving the parties’ communication, while evaluating the alternate options of dispute resolution including court litigation and identifying underlying shared interests. The parents/ spouses will address and resolve the matters in conflict. The issues to be addressed may include parenting, financial support and division of property....

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