Author: Olivia Ng

Does your child need help with School Work?

In a recent survey, approximately 35% of Ontario parents have purchased tutoring services for their child. As part of the school curriculum, children work on a variety of assignments from completing science projects to making presentations. There are a few things to consider when deciding if your child needs help with school work. Historically, tutoring has been useful for children who have been falling behind or getting poor grades. For some older children and teens, getting specific support in one subject may help reinforce a teacher’s lesson and assist in completing school work. But tutoring may also benefit younger...

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How to Help Your Child Cope With Feelings of Low Mood and Sadness

Most children and teens experience some low moods and sadness that is typical due to everyday changes or stress. Preschoolers may feel sad when there are changes to daycare staff or babysitters. Older children may experience these feelings when something does not go their way, i.e. they change schools, or friends move away. For teens, not achieving academic, social, or personal goals may lead to feelings of sadness. For some children and teens, sad or irritable feelings are more intense and long lasting. Your child might appear very sad, moody and irritable for weeks at a time. They might...

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