Author: Dr. Kerris del Rosario

Relationship Resolutions: Three ideas for growing as a couple in the New Year

As the New Year approaches, it is common to reflect on the passing year and consider ways of improving ourselves in the upcoming one. This concept of New Year’s resolutions can be applied to our relationships as well. Here are a few suggestions for areas to bring growth to your relationship in the coming year. Focus on yourself. It’s somewhat counter intuitive, but one way to grow in our relationships is to take our focus off of our partner, and put it back on ourselves. Relationships can fall into a rut when we are reactive rather than of proactive;...

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Media Mayhem: Protecting your mental health from non-stop negative news

In our age of constant access to information, the onslaught of negative news coverage has the potential to take a serious toll on our mental health. Studies and surveys show that the more we are repeatedly exposed to the coverage of violence, injustice, and political unrest, the more our overall mood can become more depressed and anxious. So how do we tear ourselves away from the scandalous stories that draw us in, but leave us worried and downtrodden? Here are a few tips to staying informed as socially-conscious citizens without becoming overwhelmed by the negativity. Positivity. It may seem...

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“Forgiveness” tends to be a word that evokes a knee-jerk reaction- often a negative one. When encouraged to forgive someone who has hurt us, we often balk at the thought, preferring to remain angry and bitter. “Forgive them? What?! Not a chance!” What forgiveness is not: It’s often helpful to define what something is by discerning what it is not. In this case, we may believe myths about forgiveness that impede us from a willingness to forgive. First of all, forgiveness is not a feeling (if we wait until we feel like it, it likely won’t happen because we feel hurt). Nor is forgiveness pretending the offense didn’t...

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Comparison: The Contentment Captor

What do you mean by “comparison”? When I talk about comparison, I’m referring to the tendency we all seem to have at some or many points in our lives to view ourselves (our appearance, personality, circumstances, relationships, abilities, etc.) in comparison to others. As parents, we seem to also compare our children to other children and, subsequently, our parenting to that of other parents. Furthermore, our comparisons are often skewed; we usually compare how someone looks from the outside (e.g., “they seem like they have it all together”) to how we feel on the inside (i.e., not so “all...

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