Author: Cheryl Vrkljan, OCT, M.Sc.

Move Over iPad, Here Comes A Book!

Here’s the ultimate question when it comes to contemporary learning: “how do I get my child to put down their electronic device and pick up a book?” In a time where children are bombarded with visual stimulation, applications, phones, and the television, many parents have given up trying to inspire their kids to read. Believe it or not, it’s not as hard as you may think….you might just have to get a little creative! Many parents feel overwhelmed with the idea of reading with their children, because the process may feel forced and often has a tremendous amount of...

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Teachers vs. Parents: Whose job is it to teach our kids values?

As a teacher and a mom of three small kids, I love a good discussion about values. The issue of whose responsibility it is to teach a child core values is complicated, and definitely not one that is easy to define. The teachers I work with constantly talk about the importance of teaching values in the classroom, and with the students they tutor. They also discuss the difficulties and risks associated with teaching values to their students. In recent years, research in education has taken more of an interest in this area, and there have been more and more...

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Maintaining a Good Working Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

Establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with your child’s teacher, is a key factor to your child’s success at school. As an educator, parents constantly tell me that they want to be involved in their child’s learning at school, but often feel disconnected from the school environment. Sometimes they aren’t sure about how to connect with the school, or are worried about overstepping their boundaries with teachers. Parents tell me that they are worried about feeling like an intruder in their child’s school, and that they do not want to appear critical by asking questions. The truth is,...

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Here’s a little secret I’ve learned over time as a teacher and as a parent. How you handle books will eventually influence how your kids treat them. Children naturally follow your lead, so if they see that you enjoy reading and treat books with care, they will likely do the same. Every parent wants their child to enjoy reading, but ironically, many have a way of messing up the inherently joyful act of reading a good book. One of the most crucial ways you can instill the love of reading in your kids is to show them what it...

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