Author: Barry Kory

Three True Horror Stories from the child car seat archives

Beware! In this issue of Family Matters, you are about to read about some of the things folks do with their children’s car seats. Protect your children by ensuring these mistakes don’t happen to you, too! Strap Disaster A few years ago, a father driving north on the Don Valley Parkway took an off-ramp to his destination with his two and a half year old toddler in the rear, in a forward facing car seat. As the vehicle made a turn, the rear door opened with the centrifugal force of the turn, sending the toddler and car seat tumbling...

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• Are they too loose? • Rear facing or forward facing, and when do I change? • Do I need a tether strap, and what is it anyway? • UAS? Where do I go for help? • So many different makes and models! These are just some of the bewildering questions that moms and dads, new parents, and even grandparents are constantly asking. Plus, we know that you have a frustrating time finding somewhere or someone to check your car seats, and are often turned away or delayed in your search. In this issue of Family Matters we begin...

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