Friday, December 1, 2023


Family Matters Magazine

Family Matters Magazine is a family focused publication in Milton, Ontario. All article and features and brought to you and written by experts in each respective community. A community is one big family and we all have something to learn from each other. Family Matters offers knowledge in all areas of interest to young families. Topics such as marriage/relationships, parenting, education, health and wellness and more are covered. In each issue, we introduce a local family to our readers. This family is chosen because they have a valuable family lesson to teach other families, have given back to the community in a big way and deserve recognition, or are in need of community support.

Small business owners who are looking to target families, can benefit from advertising in Family Matters. This “free to take home” publication can be found anywhere young families are frequenting on a regular basis. Locations include all medical facilities, community centres, swim schools, dance schools, martial arts school, indoor playgrounds etc.. An online version is also available and is distributed through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc..


Susana Medeiros

A wife and mother first, my focus on family is what drives all of my endeavours. My passion is family and community. I am a people person and I love making connections. I am the person in my social circle whom people come to when they need to find someone who does this or sells that. When I get good service or buy a great product, I have an overwhelming need to shout about it from the mountain tops! Having always been in advertising sales, I decided it was time to connect the dots!

Family Matters was born soon after my recovery from a nervous system breakdown that I suffered due to stress. Once I was in better health, I started looking for work in the ad sales industry. My husband Dan, suggested I start my own publication here in town. “You know everyone, you would be great” he encouraged. I shot the idea down, saying I didn’t want to run another business. I had already been helping run our landscape business. I told him I just wanted to make nice meals, keep a clean house and look after my family. I did throw in there, that I would love to have time to meet with friends for lunch and shopping around town! That was when it occurred to me!

Family Matters Magazine is an encompassment of family and community. It’s my opportunity to do what I am passionate about. Reaching out to families and sharing stories helps me feel connected to my community. Helping promote small business owners, and connecting them to their target market is what comes most naturally to me. It’s me “shouting from the mountain tops”! Most importantly, my passion for the family unit is the foundation of this labour of love. All families struggle with various issues. It is my mission to provide them with local resources to alleviate some of those struggles. This reinvention of myself has helped me put my natural strengths to work right here in my backyard.

I’ve tooted my own horn about my strengths, but I do have weaknesses. My biggest weakness is children. Specifically, children who go without. I believe that child hunger is not just happening in third world countries. It is happening right here in our schools, in my child’s school and in your child’s school. My charity of choice is Food 4 Kids. At Food 4 Kids, they believe child and youth hunger is a community responsibility and by working together we can provide a solution-based program that addresses, responds to and eventually can eliminate child hunger in our shared community. The publication has given me a means to raise awareness in our community about the dire need for the basic necessities, many families face.

I look forward to connecting with you the readers, the hard working, small business owner or just anyone who wants to sit and share stories! Blessings, Susana Medeiros

Susana Medeiros