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In Canada, we enjoy universal healthcare. Well, maybe “enjoy” is the wrong word. We have it, and use it. And, of course, we pay for it. We justify the constant ratcheting-up of our tax burden to pay for rising health-care costs. That tax is on our wallets.

We also pay another type of tax: When we’re unhealthy, we don’t get to do the stuff we like. When we’re overweight, we don’t always say “YES!” when our kids ask to go to the pool. When we’re unfit, we don’t take our buddy’s invitation for a weekend camping trip. We can’t start jogging because our knees hurt; can’t lift weights because our back hurts; can’t cut out carbs because we need the energy.

Those things are taxes. Physical taxes. But they’re not the WORST taxes we pay.

The worst tax we pay is the mental tax.

When we’re self-conscious about our fitness or health, we don’t want to start exercising. We don’t want to look dumb. We don’t want to fail.

We don’t want to start a new diet because our families will roll their eyes because they know we’ve failed before.

When we’ve been off the gym for months, we don’t want to do that first workout. Because it’s going to suck. We might get embarrassed.

The government makes us pay financial tax. But the other two—physical and mental—are self-imposed.

No one cares if you’re slow. No one cares if you finish last. No one cares if you blow your diet and have to start all over again.

You’d stop caring about what others thought about you if you realized how rarely they actually do. Everyone thinks about themselves, mostly. That’s the tax they’re paying. And most of us overpay.

We’re taxed enough. Stop worrying about what you look like and start caring about what makes you feel good.

Here’s why: Because I see you…

The one hiding in the back of the room. The one with your eyes cast down and lost their sparkle. The one constantly tugging at your shirt to cover your tummy or hiking your pants up. The one looking around to see if others are looking at you.

You see the few extra pounds you’ve gained, or the way your shirt rides up or your pants fall down. You are embarassed and shy saying to yourself, “I’m not in the shape I used to be”.

But I don’t see what you see.

I see a person whose life got busy. Who sacrificed their own time for someone else, most likely kids. Who gave of themselves to a work project so they could feel successful or provide for their family. Someone who’s been struggling with a situation at home, like marriage, an aging parent, or the loss of a loved one.. Or even someone who needed a bit of time to decompress from the pressures of daily life.

I see someone with the courage to start up again, knowing it will be hard. I see someone trying their hardest to be the best they can be at this moment. Who’s willing to try again.

Please know you are never judged for the few pounds you may have gained, or the few less pounds you’ve got on your barbell. You are simply judged on your effort, your give-a-shit, and your encouragement of those around you who may be feeling the same.

So lift your head and awaken to the awesomeness all around you. Because there sure is a lot of it!!

Sweaty Hugs,


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