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With the Covid-19 pandemic in our midst, individuals and families are realizing that it is most important to have their lives in some sense of order.  From a legal perspective, being organized means having current and/or updated wills and Powers of Attorney documents in place.  The Ontario government has also recognized that this necessity is most important.  However, the normal legal requirement for completion of valid wills and Powers of Attorney documents is that they must be signed in the physical presence of two witnesses.  To prevent further transmission of the Covid-19 virus, physical distancing is an absolute necessity.  So how do individuals sign their estate documents.

On April 7, the Ontario government passed an emergency regulation designed to enable the conducting of certain estate-related matters in the absence of the ability to meet in person.  By relaxing the legal rules of signing estate documents in the physical presence of two witnesses for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis, wills and Powers of Attorney documents can now be signed in the presence of two witnesses, both of whom participate in the signing process by way of audio-visual technology (ie.  Zoom, Skype, FaceTime).  The only requirement is that one of the witnesses by a lawyer, licensed to practice law in the Province of Ontario and is in good-standing with the Law Society of Ontario.

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues, it is now, more than ever, most important to complete wills and Powers of Attorney documents.  As an estates lawyer, I and my law firm, Indech Law Chambers Professional Corporation, have acquired the technology and know-how to expedite this process under the new practice regulations.  I cannot express more strongly and clearly the necessity to take action to complete your estate plan.  For further information or a complementary consultation, please contact me to discuss your estate matters or any other legal issue, either directly by telephone or by email.  May we quickly see the end to the Covid-19 pandemic and a return to happier times.  Wishing health and safety only.”

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Gary Indech
Gary Indech
Gary D. Indech studied law at the University of Windsor and the University of Detroit-Mercy, graduating from the joint law program in 1994, with his J.D./LL.B. degree. Gary specializes his practice in two areas: residential real estate (including purchases, sales and mortgage refinancing) and wills and estate planning. His focus in estate planning is four-fold: seniors and elder estate planning, estate planning for individuals with disabilities, estate planning for individuals with corporate/business interests, and estate administration (that is, probating estates when people have died). Gary approaches the practice of law with the philosophy of courtesy, integrity, honesty, patience and professionalism. He listens carefully to his clients’ needs and devotes his full attention to advising and solving all issues. He also offers free mobile legal services as an added-value service. Areas of Practice Real Estate Wills and Estates Elder Law Address: 207 Mary Street, Milton, ON Phone: +1(800)650-2740 Web:

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