Wednesday, January 19, 2022



Green Goals continues to be a passion project that talks about sustainable living solutions around the Milton area by sharing lifestyle habits that are low waste in nature. For over two years, Green Goals has been supporting eco-conscious businesses by sharing the promotions and programs that support sustainability.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Green Goals is offering a free link profile for any business who is actively engaging in developing eco-friendly products, services or operating policies. Businesses are welcome to email or send a message through the Green Goals Website to add your business to the community of sustainable thinking entrepreneurs and leaders. With a new and exciting collaborative project on the horizon, Green Goals looks forward to expanding the seals program in July.  Stay tuned as we share this exciting announcement in two months.

Ashley Raza is an elementary school teacher who lives in Milton. She explores sustainable living solutions and is on the hunt to meet and learn about the business leaders and non-profit eco warriors in the Milton area who put equal importance on economic and environmental sustainability.

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Ashley Raza
While working with individuals and business owners, Ashley Raza explores creative ways to offer realistic resources for people and households who want to live more sustainably. This elementary school teacher is seeking ways to lower the unnecessary waste in our lives by selling seals to store fronts to help fund low waste charitable donation projects, planning her next low waste lesson in school, or making posts on social media to keep the conversation going in a non judgmental approach.

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