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It’s that time of year again!! I’ve always loved Christmas and now as a mother with two little girls, I love it even more. The lights, the sparkle, the magic…the giant frosty on our front lawn! I love it all. And I love to watch the bright eyes of my girls as they anticipate a holiday full of laughter, love and family. And they would definitely add presents and dessert!!

Even though we won’t be getting our tree until December (there’s a little farm up the road where we pick our tree and visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus in the barn) there are lots of things that we can do right now to live in the magic of Christmas and get the holiday season started.

Christmas movies have already become a big hit in our home. (Yes, I caved and got a TV). I am loving the warm sofa snuggles and last night added peppermint popcorn to our experience. Imagine the happy smiling children 🙂

Christmas crafts. We have an entire cabinet that caters to imagination. This was one of my most favourite things about being an Early Childhood Educator. I love when kids are inspired to create without any influence on their ideas and no expected outcome. My oldest has learned to draw Christmas trees and made one for every member of her family this weekend, including Punch, her dog. I always keep the cabinet stocked and have plans to go out today for Christmas ribbon, stickers and glitter to keep the inspiration going strong.

Christmas baking. I don’t know if I should admit this, but I have a ginormous glass cookie jar full of cookie cutters and I can’t wait to get them out. (I used to make and sell dog cookies. Shhhh… I sound like such a nerd.) Every Christmas the girls and I sit at the table and roll out the dough and press out the shapes. I love that they love to bake as much as I do. And I love their patience with the process!

Christmas shopping….this might not sound fun to you, but I like to take my girls to the toy store this time of year and I ask them to show me what they love. They always ask to buy something and I always give the same answer that works like a charm. “We’ll add it to your Christmas list!” And while I certainly don’t get them everything on their list, it’s a great way to get a real idea of what they love (since every single toy in our Canadian Tire magazine has been circled and cut out for Santa).

Christmas music. I’m a big fan of the holiday yule log fireplace channel, even though that sounds cheesy as hell. I haven’t actually started playing any Christmas music but I love the Classic Christmas songs and might start now. It’ll replace the spa channel for the next month and a bit 😉

Letters to Santa. Okay, if you have kids, you must know that if they take the time to write to Santa, he’ll write back! I don’t know the deadline, but send your letter soon to:

Santa Claus
North Pole HOH OHO

I think last year was our first year doing this, and the kids were so excited to get the response. And I was grateful that they replied with two different letters! Phew!

Practice giving! I love to give all year long, but especially around the holidays. And giving doesn’t have to cost you anything. Maybe you drop off a dozen cookies to a neighbour or make a card for a friend. I like to teach my girls that if you make something with love, it feels so good. And the best part is that it makes someone else happy too.

Lastly, let’s start decorating! I’ve already added something to my front door and just last night the girls and I put up our enormous snowman. He’s huge. Like 10 feet tall at least. And tonight we’re going to start opening our Christmas bins. I can’t wait to unpack my festive mugs! (Again, such a nerd!)

While I’m sure these ideas aren’t new to you, I recently heard that doing all of these heart warming Christmas’y things increases our feel good hormone, dopamine. And while you may be thinking it’s still a bit too early to get into the Christmas spirit, perhaps you’ll reconsider and start the feel good feelings without ado.

Wishing you more peace, balance, happiness, vibrant health and lasting love.

Sandy xo

“What we think, we become.” -Buddha

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Sandy Jamieson
Sandy Jamieson
I know the power of a positive mindset, the joy of fully living in the moment and the gift of gratitude for everything. And I trust it all! I've been described as a visual artist and called 'the girl that gets stuff done'. Really, I just follow my heart in everything I do! Through my podcast and blog I hope to inspire you to be your most authentic self and to live the life you deserve to live. I share my life experiences and personal journey to finding more peace, balance, happiness, vibrant health and lasting love! Follow 1010Zen on Instagram and Facebook. New content every Monday morning at 10:10am!

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