Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Over the past year, Green Goals has been working in the Milton community to bring attention to the low waste options and strategies that citizens can participate in to reduce their household waste.  Since 80% of all the garbage that goes out to the sidewalk on collection day comes from the kitchen, why not start there? Our first project created ten sustainable starter kits for the kitchen. Each kit went to a family in need, or was used as a fundraising tool for another charitable cause. These kits were valued at $200. Stay tuned for more projects and visit www.greengoals.ca to find out which stores in Milton are working with me to promote a lower waste lifestyle options in our communitnity.

Ashley Raza
Ashley Razahttp://www.greengoals.ca
While working with individuals and business owners, Ashley Raza explores creative ways to offer realistic resources for people and households who want to live more sustainably. This elementary school teacher is seeking ways to lower the unnecessary waste in our lives by selling seals to store fronts to help fund low waste charitable donation projects, planning her next low waste lesson in school, or making posts on social media to keep the conversation going in a non judgmental approach.

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