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Hello Readers!

I am thrilled that you have picked up another issue of Family Matters Magazine! We are going into our seventh year of publishing this family-focused and community-centred magazine here in Milton, and it’s all thanks to you, the reader. Thanks for all of your support; I always enjoy connecting with you online or in person around town.

Our Family Matters

It’s been a very busy summer for us! My family and I moved to a new house. Especially with packing and planning our transition from one house to the next, downsizing has been a challenge, to say the least. I am almost ashamed of all of the things we have accumulated over the years. In the last few weeks, we have sold, donated, and thrown out hundreds of unwanted or unnecessary items. As I get older, I find less value in things and more value in time and experiences. Simplicity is of great value these days.

Now that our kids are all pretty much grown up, they seem to be showing less and less attachment to physical items, as well; even they have caught the Marie Kondo bug, and have found it quite liberating to simplify their personal spaces in the home. Having moved into our new home in mid-August, we are just now getting settled and adjusting. I am looking forward to colder nights, and having home cooked meals around our family table. With less rooms to clean and maintain, I may even learn how to enjoy the sofa this winter in our cozy new family room – something I rarely make time to do. I think I might like this simpler, slower, less chaotic, way of living!

Susana Medeiros 
Publisher | Owner

Susana Medeiros
Susana Medeiroshttps://familymattersmagazine.ca
Married almost 25 years and mother of three, Susana is passionate about family, community, and small business. After a very difficult life-stage, she was forced to re-invent herself, personally and professionally. Family Matters Magazine was part of an effort to combine all of her passions into a new career/business opportunity. Susana strives to balance family and work to the best of her ability. Although her children are grown, she still puts focus on daily home-cooked meals and family dinners at the table, almost every night. Being at a later stage of parenthood, she is learning to take more time to explore her own interests and is enjoying more time with her husband as their children become more independent. Professionally, Susana has partnered up in various community projects including The Mom Show. She enjoys encouraging mothers to recognize their potential, as women, outside of motherhood. Ninjamom is personal project that is in it's early stages. It is a movement to empower mothers to practice self-love and self-care without the guilt. Susana has over 25 years of marketing, advertising and sales experience. She works diligently to promote clients in their community both organically and through the online and print publication of Family Matters Magazine.

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