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Despite having been stigmatized for so long, recreational pole dancing (aka pole fitness, pole sport, pole art, or exotic dance) has become an incredibly popular activity over the past decade. Thousands of people around the world take pole classes, expecting it to be just a fun way to get fit, but find that it is so much more. As they build strength and learn increasingly more challenging spins and tricks, they also find themselves becoming a part of a supportive community, gaining confidence, and living their life more aligned with their authentic self.

It can be intimidating to walk into a pole class the first time. There is a lot of stigma and misunderstanding that can prevent people from trying it out, even if they are curious. Let’s address some of the myths of pole dance.

1) Pole dance classes just teach you how to be sexy for your partner

The majority of participants come to classes for themselves. In our society, we receive so many messages that our bodies are for others; that we need to dress sexy to be attractive, but not be slutty, to dress for our shape, or diet to lose weight; to please our partners. In pole class, we get to reclaim ownership of our bodies, move in a way that feels good, and be sexy for ourselves. Whether it’s to reclaim your body as your own, or to express your sexuality, pole dancing can be incredibly empowering.

2) You need to be a gymnast to pole dance

One of the many benefits of pole dance is increased strength. While many of the advanced level pole tricks require a lot of strength and coordination, our program is designed to help you build the skills and foundations you need to progress. The majority of people who start pole dance don’t have a background in gymnastics, dance, or even in general fitness.

3) Pole dance is just for young, fit people

Pole dance is for people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Pole fitness competitions even have categories for people over the age of 40 and 50 years. Our clients are from all walks of life: moms, teachers, realtors, nurses, doctors, small business owners, students, etc. As well, pole dancing is not exclusive to any gender or sexuality – anyone can learn to express themselves through the art form. Our studio community is diverse, supportive, and tons of fun!

How can I try it?

If you’ve been curious about pole dancing, I encourage you to come out and try a class or two! With our introductory package, you’ll get a week of unlimited classes for $29 +hst, so you can try pole dance, aerial hoop, aerial hammock, handstand, dance, and conditioning classes. Sign up through our website, or give us a call.

Melanie Irene Stuckey
Melanie Irene Stuckeyhttps://www.volairfitness.com
Melanie Irene has a PhD in Kinesiology and recently completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the National Circus School researching safety, performance, and injury in circus. She has been teaching pole dance and aerial arts since 2009 and has won national and international titles in pole championship and pole art competitions.

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