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7 Reasons to Consider Breast Thermography


The time has come to reassess whether universal mammographic screening should be recommended. According to Dr. Peter Goetzsche, a Director of the Nordic Cochrane Collaboration in Copenhagen, Denmark, “The time has come to realize that breast cancer screening programs can no longer be justified.” In his recently published book “Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy,” Dr. Gotzsche presents a compelling argument – that in 10 years of using mammography, we may save one woman’s life for every 2,000 tested – but harm 10 others.

In my opinion, the current approach for the “early detection” of breast cancer – indiscriminate screening – is inadequate at best and dangerous at worst. By the time a lesion is detected using mammography, it has actually been developing for approximately 8 to 9 years. This is not “early detection” by any stretch of the imagination. When you realize the benefit that thermography offers, you will see it as an essential part of a regular health maintenance program. ~

Thermography is a safe screening approach to proactive breast health. Thermography Clinic Inc. is the leader in breast thermography with over 35 locations worldwide. For more information, visit:


Someone who is assessed as high risk will be asked to escalate to physical examination and structural testing to make sure that they get a full and complete evaluation.


Once a baseline condition is established, any future changes can be detected and tracked to determine if the condition is stable, improving, or deteriorating.


Thermography can be used to test all women regardless of breast size or shape, as well as women with breast implants, or a fibrocystic condition.


Thermography is crucial at assessing the effectiveness of treatment, as well as any hormonal influences and their affect on breast health.


When assessing the risks involved with breast cancer, Thermography is a highly predictive tool which provides you with an early warning system.


Thermography can detect physiological changes – how your breast functions – usually many years before any structural change take place.

REASON 1 – 100% SAFE

Thermography measures naturally-emitted body heat. No radiation is involved, it is completely non-invasive and it poses absolutely no risk or pain to the patient. Since a mammography test can sometimes be inconclusive (a “detectable size” may take 8 to 9 years to develop) it makes more sense to first test using thermography, and then to follow up with other tests (such as mammography) for those deemed to be “high risk”. At this point the best approach would be to first evaluate the reasons why a person is “high risk”, then develop a preventive program to help reduce their risk factors. This makes much more sense than screening women indiscriminately, which may cause pain or harm, as well as confusion and fear due to inconclusive or “false-positive” results. ~

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Susana Medeiros
Susana Medeiros
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