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What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?


The age-old question “what does it mean to be healthy?” will exist forever. Trying to provide a simplified answer to this is not always possible, given that benchmarks for overall health are different for everyone. One person’s standards of needs to feel healthy will not always be the same as another’s. As nutritionists, we believe that health is multifaceted and complex. We cannot objectively say, “eat this and you will be healthy”; doing so would not necessarily be accurate nor honest. Our job is to look at all individuals as being biochemically unique, and to base our direction of nutritional support and dietary interventions on each person’s individual needs. We work to help our clients achieve optimal health by planning tactics to aid in reaching their initial, short-term, and long-term goals.

One issue we constantly face is the population’s fascination with body image and the numbers that appear on the weight scale. Often, the numbers on the scale our clients see in our office completely validate or invalidate the work they have done over the course of a week. However, what only really matters is that our clients adhered to their specific meal plan, drank plenty of water each day, got some moderate activity, and created mindful connections; these small shifts in lifestyle help create new patterns and habits that will, in the long run, stay with them for life.

Here at Simply For Life Milton, we can help create plans that will show clients immediate results. In order for any kind of physiological and dietary change, nutritional information is essential in order to build the foundation of a new, sustainable lifestyle. Understanding the why behind our nutritional information is integral in creating optimal health.

As genuinely caring nutritionists, we believe health is a lifelong endeavour. It should never be a quick-fix solution. Instead, we strive to shift our clients’ focus from numbers on a scale to feelings and results of overall wellness. As well, part of our mission is to provide a deep education in healthy living so that long after clients leave us, they feel confident enough in their knowledge of food to sustain their new lifestyle long term. After all, the lives we lead are filled with much more than just numbers on a scale. Some of the best moments we experience as nutritionists come from our clients telling us that their nutritional journey has been much more worthwhile than they could have ever anticipated; we greatly value the fact that we can impact someone’s life and create positive changes. While this is not the sole reason we look forward to coming to work every day, it is definitely a major contributing factor of why we love what we do!

We believe food is fuel, and that nutrient-rich food helps lay the foundation for one’s good health. As Hippocrates once said: “Let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine.” At Simply For Life Milton, we believe that the whole, natural foods in our market paired with our whole foods meal plans have exceptional health benefits that can’t be met in corner stores, fast food joints, and even many grocery store middle aisles. We sell products that assist the general public in making health-conscious decisions in a convenient manner. Whether you are on-the-go, shopping on a budget, or just looking for somewhere you can go to get all the keto, paleo, or vegan items on your shopping list, we have it all.

Our market is vital to helping our clients, as a health transformation requires a minimum of 80% clean eating on a weekly basis. 4 out of 5 times, all meals and snacks should be good, nutrient-rich options. This may seem like a huge leap for those who don’t already practice this eating regimen, but small shifts in the right direction make incredible changes in overall wellness.

In a world with a rising obesity rate, more often than not, people are becoming consumed in simply looking skinny, streamlined, and small. What we fail to recognise, however, is that outward appearances don’t tell the whole tale of health. So, what do you say? Let’s put the scales away, and start living our best lives by focusing on small and significant improvements, and working to strive for our best overall health!

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