Hello Readers!

Thanks again, for picking up another issue of Family Matters Magazine. You will find some new faces in this issue. We have brought on some new advertisers/experts and are to facilitate the sharing of their knowledge with you.

I encourage you to take the time to visit the social media pages, and webistes and connect with them if you are in need of their products or services. Supporting local and supporting community is a passion of mine. I would much rather buy from a local, hard working entrepreneur than a big box store, any day! When we do this, we are helping Mom and Dad pay for hockey, dance, clothes, school supplies and sure, even vacations! When we support small, local businesses, we are ensuring families are thriving financially. My challenge to you this season, is to visit one of the local business featured here, that you have never visited before. When you do, if you are happy with the service, product, shout it from the roof tops, share it on social media, tag them and thank them! While you are at it, tag Family Matters Magazine too and use the hashtag, #FamilyMattersMilton. I will be paying close attention and may even throw a couple of surprises out to those of you who accept this challenge!

Susana Medeiros
Publisher | Owner