Thermography is a screening method in which an infrared camera is used to capture the body’s thermal image. Various areas of the body can be screened to generate a thermal image that can help in the understanding of any inflammation or abnormal cell growth.

Based on the premise that the areas of the body which have inflammation or irregular cell growth tend to also have increased blood flow, thermography shows the pattern of blood flow, which can then be examined for any irregularities. Abnormal symmetry is one factor that is evaluated to see whether it may indicate an underlying issue that needs to be further examined. The thermal images are taken by a technician, and are then sent to the main Toronto clinic, where they are assessed by Alexander Mostovoy, Board Certified Clinical Thermologist. The results are then sent back with clinical comments, suggestions of further steps, and notes on the thermal images with any potential concerns relating to the thermal patterns.

About Milton Thermography Clinic
Saima Sheikh is the clinic director of Thermography Clinic Milton Inc. She is a certified Clinical Thermographic Technician (CTT) with the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography, and completed her training at the Toronto Thermography Clinic Inc. under the supervision of Alexander Mostovoy. She offers women a pain-free and non-invasive breast health assessment. Thermography offers early detection with no radiation and no compression. She is passionate about her journey to wellness, and shares her experiences and knowledge with others as a speaker and educator. Saima has made it her mission to bring this exciting technology to all women.

What is really exciting to me is that we can change the methods of detecting breast cancer by providing this incredible service which offers an early warning of abnormalities in the body. Studies show that an abnormal infrared image is the most important marker of those with a higher risk for developing breast disease. When thermography is added to a woman’s regular breast health checkup, there is a 61% increase in survival rate. Finally, when used as a part of a multimodal approach (clinical examination, plus mammography along with thermography), 95% of early-stage cancers will be detected. As women, we now have a second line of defense through breast thermography. I encourage women to take control of their own health, and stop the “wait for a lump” approach.”

Saima has witnessed first-hand the devastation cancer causes with the loss of her grandmother and with her mother, who has battled and survived breast cancer twice. Despite being a busy mom with four children, she knew she had to find answers and change the way she was going to live. “Thermography found me, and it has given me a renewed purpose in my career. In this chapter of my life, I am focused on making a difference in the lives of other mothers and their daughters alike.” Early detection is important, but prevention is key!
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