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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner For You


Central vacuum systems will always provide the cleanest home, as they are installed into your garage. Doing so means the smallest particles of dirt which aren’t caught by the filtre are vented outside your living space.

I f you don’t have a central vacuum though, there are other types of vacuums available to you; the key is to find the vacuum which best fits your lifestyle, rather than changing your lifestyle to fit your vacuum.

The stick vacuum, which has been around for years, has seen some significant progress in battery technology lately. These units are now incredibly convenient, fairly light weight, and reasonably powerful. However, they still have some issues you should be aware of: eventually the battery life begins to shorten, and basic repairs for things like on/ off switches aren’t an option, as parts aren’t available. In short, you have something that is easily replaced under warranty, but becomes un-repairable when the warranty expires.

The upright vacuum cleaner has been a staple of carpet cleaning since the 1930’s, when the first electrically powered carpet sweeper was announced by the Hoover Company. It featured an electric motor running a powered brush roll attached to a broomstick, with a cloth shake-out dirt collection bag. Over the years the cloth shake-out bag has changed to a more sanitary disposable paper bag, and more recently, a collection cup with a semi permanent filtre. There are a few things to consider when purchasing an upright vacuum, such as: does it fit under the bed if needed? Can it lift the brush roll to clean floors as well? How long is the cord? How heavy does it become as the bag becomes full?

The portable vacuum that most closely resembles a central vacuum is the canister vacuum, with the appropriate accessory tools. If you only have bare floors, then a simple non-electric floor brush is sufficient, but if you have heavier carpet, and maybe a pet or two, then you will need an electric power brush. These units offer the most flexibility for the best range of conditions, and, if fitted with a true HEPA exhaust filtre, get as close to a central vacuum clean as possible.

Always try to choose the vacuum that best suits your needs and your budget. Ask about the warranty options for both parts and labour and what the process for warranty repairs will be.

David Danielli
David Danielli
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