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How Do I Know if I Have Hearing Loss?


Some people are born with hearing loss, while others experience hearing loss as a natural part of the aging process. Ear infections and prolonged exposure to loud noise can also cause hearing problems.

You may have hearing loss if:

  • You are aware of others talking, but you do not understand what is being said and/or you feel people mumble when they speak
  • You often experience ringing (or other types of noise) in your ears/ head
  • You have difficulty determining from which direction some sounds originate
  • You have difficulty hearing familiar sounds like the telephone or doorbell
  • You have a history of exposure to loud noise (from concerts, construction sites, airports, etc.)
  • Your friends and family think you have hearing loss

Hearing Loss in Children

Observing your child’s reaction to sound helps identify potential problems. Does your child respond to your voice? Does your child understand simple words and sounds, and try to imitate them?

Hearing problems can delay the development of a child’s speech, language, and learning skills, so it is important to detect hearing problems early.

Hearing Loss in Adults

For many, hearing loss is a normal part of growing older. However, the process is usually so subtle that those with hearing loss are often the last to realize it. People with hearing loss can feel isolated and lonely; sometimes they hesitate to get involved in conversations because they are afraid of misunderstanding and responding inappropriately. At the same time, friends and family with normal hearing may complain about having to constantly repeat themselves, or about the television volume being turned up too loudly.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have your hearing tested by an Audiologist. As a first step, HearSay has a 3-minute hearing screening that you can complete on your own device to determine whether you should pursue further testing.

VISIT: to determine if you may have hearing loss. Should you have any concerns upon completion of the screening, feel free to contact us at Hear Say for a professional opinion.


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