Month: December 2017

Create a foundation for a healthy financial future

When building a house, you always start with a solid foundation. It makes sense to do the same when building a financial plan. We can’t always predict or prevent difficulties in our lives, but we can still plan for some of the unknowns. When building a financial plan, it’s important to first take care of the “noncontrollable events.” You can take steps toward having good health or a long life, but you’re never completely in control. Most people have recognized the value of life insurance. It’s just as important to recognize the value of health insurance. If you became...

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Move Over iPad, Here Comes A Book!

Here’s the ultimate question when it comes to contemporary learning: “how do I get my child to put down their electronic device and pick up a book?” In a time where children are bombarded with visual stimulation, applications, phones, and the television, many parents have given up trying to inspire their kids to read. Believe it or not, it’s not as hard as you may think….you might just have to get a little creative! Many parents feel overwhelmed with the idea of reading with their children, because the process may feel forced and often has a tremendous amount of...

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Lifestyle Real Estate: It’s All About the Experience

Buyers are seeking a new kind of experience when purchasing a home. My savvy buyer is not only buying a property – they are buying a lifestyle. Modern buyers are looking for the whole package: a neighbourhood and community that fits their lifestyle, offering entertainment and healthy choices. The list of wants and needs has expanded beyond features and benefits within the home, to include opportunities within a short walk or drive from the property. The available schools in the neighbourhood are topping the list; buyers are seeking schools that offer their children educational opportunities that will elevate their...

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Does your child need help with School Work?

In a recent survey, approximately 35% of Ontario parents have purchased tutoring services for their child. As part of the school curriculum, children work on a variety of assignments from completing science projects to making presentations. There are a few things to consider when deciding if your child needs help with school work. Historically, tutoring has been useful for children who have been falling behind or getting poor grades. For some older children and teens, getting specific support in one subject may help reinforce a teacher’s lesson and assist in completing school work. But tutoring may also benefit younger...

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WHAT IS Auditory Processing?

When a child has normal hearing, yet has difficulty listening in the classroom ‘central auditory processing (CAPD)’ or auditory processing disorder (APD) are the terms that are often used. Auditory processing is the process in which the ears detect sound at normal levels (as determined by a hearing test), however, as the sound travels along the auditory pathway to the brain, it is the inability of the brain to process the message. Essentially, auditory processing is how the brain comprehends messages; this can also be further complicated by difficulties with language processing or receptive language, which is different than...

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