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Benefits of Dance


With its many benefits and challenges it poses, the ever growing world of dance remains as one of the most popular and valuable extracurricular activities for both youths and adults alike. Here are some of the many advantages of registering yourself or someone you love into a dance class:

Memory and cognitive function

One comment that we hear often is “I don’t know how those dancers remember all those steps.” The secret is simple: practice, practice, practice. There have been many studies done on the positive effects that dance has on cognitive function.

Reduces stress

It is so easy to get lost in the music and steps during a dance class; this is exactly what the body and mind need after a tough day at school or work. Like any physical activity, dancing releases endorphins, which leaves you feeling happy and rejuvenated.


Mastering new skills and performing on stage are amazing ways to build confidence. As dance instructors, we see this all the time with students as they grow.


Probably the most obvious benefits of dance are the many physiological benefits. This includes increased heart and lung function, muscular strength, as well as endurance.


Flexibility is important for everyone, since more flexible joints require less energy to move. As dancers become more flexible, they can decrease their chance of injuries and increase their physicality.

Balance and coordination

As a dancer increases their ability to balance, they increase the control that they have over their bodies. Dancers are constantly coordinating their arms with their feet, while maintaining their balance, and do it gracefully.

Self Expression

Dance is an emotional outlet, even if dancers are too young to realize.

Life Skills

Time management, determination, perseverance, and commitment- these are just a few of the many life skills dancers learn by attending dance classes.


All of the above benefits easily cross over into other sports; It is not surprising the amount of professional athletes who credit their abilities to dance classes that they have taken.

Dance is for Boys Too! Girls are not the only ones who gain the above benefits from dance. While dance is still predominately a female activity, here at The Dance Element Inc., we’ve seen a huge increase in boys dancing, especially in our All Boys Breakin’ classes.

Taylor de Geer Mackenzie
Taylor de Geer Mackenzie
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