Moving is a stressful time – especially for kids. Here are five easy ways to help them feel like part of the process, and relieve built up stress during this time of transition.

Take the kids house hunting.

Involving your kids in the house hunting process might seem a bit hectic (and in truth, it can be), however bringing them with you will go a long way in helping them feel excited about their new home. Go one step further and let them choose their bedroom, or playroom, so they will begin to visualize themselves living in the new space.

Design and Decorate.

Plan a shopping trip with your kids to pick out paint colours or new bedding and decor just for them. Letting your children pick their own colours and giving them a say in how they decorate their new room will make them feel right at home.

Create a memory book.

To make the transition from one house to another easier, build a memory scrapbook capturing all the special places and moments, experienced in your current home. To fill the pages, paste old pictures, gather leaves from a favourite tree, and write a poem, or draw a picture to celebrate the last day of school in this neighbourhood. To invite in the new neighbourhood, leave a couple of pages blank and document new memories afterwards.

Donation Box.

In preparation for packing, place old toys and clothes into a box to be delivered to a local charity. This exercise will give the kids a project to occupy their mind, and make them feel good as they are helping families in need.

Create a kid-focused garden in the new backyard.

Section off a corner of the backyard and let your kids choose the plants and flowers that go in that space. You can also turn this space into a mini dinosaur park, or Barbie campground – get creative! This space will help with the transition, as they will have a new play area, that is all their own.

The most important thing to remember is to involve your kids in the transition. Make them feel like part of the process to encourage them to love the new home and neighbourhood. To discuss your home, or any real estate related topics, please contact me anytime, I am happy to help.