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Thinking Small, Living Big


Small spaces can pose great challenges when one is trying to achieve a desired look. In order to achieve the look and feel of a grander space, one must think in a multidimensional sense. Don’t just take into consideration the floor space, but also the unused space including the walls, ceiling, etc. Chantale Paterson of ColourSpec Design has some great pointers for making the most of your space:


When thinking storage, allow cabinets and millwork to extend as high as possible, so as to not sacrifice the square footage of the floor space.

Combine rooms

When possible, consider combining rooms to have multi-purposes. For example, an office can double as a sewing room, or an ensuite can double as a walk-in closet.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Contrary to popular belief, bolder colours in small spaces is highly recommended. Wall coverings are all the rage right now. Bold prints can make a big impact in a small space.


When choosing furniture, start with a large focal piece and work around it when choosing the rest. Instead of adding furniture for more interest, Chantale suggests wall panelling on walls or ceiling to create texture.

Trick the eye

Mirrors and lighting can give the illusion of more square footage.  Lighting reflects off mirrors and creates an illusion of a larger space.

Window Covering

Drapes and curtains should always extend from floor to ceiling. This gives the illusion of more vertical space, allowing for a more “airy” feel.

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