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The Purpose of Eyesight in Life


Seeing Through the Heart is the  purpose of your  vision and eyesight

The heart is the seat of consciousness whose energy radiates through the body and its nervous system. It is the center of your being, and radiates unconditionally with a rhythm affected by your emotions. Your perceived thoughts change the rhythm of your heart beat, invoking incoherence which increases with perceived stress.

The perception we view with our senses (What we see) is energized with the ‘value’ of our thoughts directed by our emotions ‘charging’ the body structures around the heart. In other words our positive or negative ‘view’ of any person, place, or thing ‘emotes’ electricity with our emotions causing it to move and vibrate within the body conflicting with the waves generated by the heart. (This includes what you see, hear, think, touch etc.)

Unfortunately the memories and beliefs we have are conditioned either by past beliefs and memories or future imaginations and are unconscious responses with emotional displaced energy states creating a ‘free radical state’. Neither of which are actual, but are perceived realities based on our values in time and space. It is the emotion which the human balanced condition is marred with causing conflict in energies in the HEART AND BODY (incoherence).

On the other hand emotions, or thoughts and assessments (both conscious and subconscious) directed in appreciation coordinates the responses into coherence and provide balance in human physiology and reduced diseased states.

Changing or challenging ones perceptions is an expanding area of study in neuropsychoautoimmunology, and is in the fore front of the study of why diseases occur.
Self induced disease based on psychophysics is the area of the study of mind-body-wellness. Vision is one of the receptive aspects of perception in this area of study and research.

Diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular diseases and oculomotor (binocular vision) disorders all have some relevance to the ‘state of perception’ as emotions are the directed energies to cause functional and therefore physical changes in the body.

The gift of vision is an ability to ‘view’ our environment to assess and appreciate.

The very act of seeing through the Heart is an ‘art’ in Appreciation and Well being.

~ Appreciation~for all that is…as it is.

Seeing the (-) in the (+)and the (+) in the (-)…both are required.

The eyes are your gift to appreciate your life. How you learn to Appreciate people, places, events and things in your life, and your life changes.

Appreciating your eyes as a gift of life.


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