Hello Readers!

Thank you for picking up this issue. There are many new advertisers and content contributors in this issue that I am so proud of! If I have only one message for you this time around, it is that I encourage you to visit our local experts and small business owners. Bring them your business; like their Facebook Pages, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. It’s so important to support local and shop small – these hardworking people need your support. I’ve heard it said that when you shop small, you are not just making a purchase in a local shop, or joining a locally owned gym, you are helping to pay for the community’s dance lessons, Taekwondo classes, school supplies and family getaways, so that families can make memories; you are contributing to the community and to families! I also ask of you this: when you do receive great service or a great product from a small, local business owner, please shout it from the mountain tops! Tell your friends, blast it all over social media. Your support is appreciated!

Susana Medeiros