Month: June 2017

The Purpose of Eyesight in Life

Seeing Through the Heart is the  purpose of your  vision and eyesight The heart is the seat of consciousness whose energy radiates through the body and its nervous system. It is the center of your being, and radiates unconditionally with a rhythm affected by your emotions. Your perceived thoughts change the rhythm of your heart beat, invoking incoherence which increases with perceived stress. The perception we view with our senses (What we see) is energized with the ‘value’ of our thoughts directed by our emotions ‘charging’ the body structures around the heart. In other words our positive or negative...

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Five Steps to Navigating Your Way Through a Bidding War

Being prepared for the current fast-paced real estate market is the only way to ensure success when buying, selling, or investing in a home. I would like to share with you my five steps to navigating your way through a bidding war when buying a home to ensure you come out on top. This is in addition to already being pre-approved and knowing your price range. Pre-inspection: To make your offer as attractive as possible, it is important to ensure that you are able to waive the inspection condition. In order to do so, you will want to complete...

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Creating Purpose and Fulfillment in Your Life

Life is busy and often complicated. Not only is it a struggle to maintain balance between family, friends, work, and other responsibilities, sometimes it feels like we are stuck in a vicious cycle of busyness, with no sense of purpose. Although money, power, and social influence may resonate with some people for periods in their lives, these things do not lead to long-term, sustainable satisfaction. To create a life worth living, we need to live our lives in line with our values. When people spend most of their time doing activities that match their values, they often feel a...

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Home Share Insurance – What You Need to Know

The world’s largest taxi firm Uber owns no cars. Airbnb owns no property, but is the largest accommodation provider. Likewise, Airbnb owns no property, but has been an extremely popular choice of accommodations. The sharing community has really taken off in the past few years, and Airbnb in particular has been a hot topic in insurance. While watching videos about home sharing recently, I noticed one in particular, where a woman rents out a bedroom in her home. In the video she said that she doesn’t “rent to strangers”, but that they are just friends that she just hasn’t...

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Message from the Publisher

Hello Readers! Thank you for picking up this issue. There are many new advertisers and content contributors in this issue that I am so proud of! If I have only one message for you this time around, it is that I encourage you to visit our local experts and small business owners. Bring them your business; like their Facebook Pages, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. It’s so important to support local and shop small – these hardworking people need your support. I’ve heard it said that when you shop small, you are not just making a purchase...

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