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Finding Your Perfect Yoga Class


Sometimes it could be overwhelming to choose a place to practice yoga for the first time or returning to practice again. Here are some tips you can take in consideration to navigate the wonderful and rewarding world of practicing yoga:

Get a sense of different studios:

Many studios offer introduction packages for very reasonable prices. Take advantage of as many as you can to have an idea of what the studio is all about. Don’t feel pressure to commit with the first one after doing the intro offer. Maybe you’ll fall in love with the very first class, but if that doesn’t happen, don’t feel discouraged. Besides price, the location is a very important factor; You want to make sure the studio is close to home for you to feel motivated to attend classes regularly, and don’t have any excuses because of the distance. Other factors in deciding yoga studios may include if they offer workshops to deepen your practice, outdoor activities during the summer promote healthy eating and free Wi-Fi to members. Search for studios that offer several different styles and levels that will allow you to experience not only one regimented style, but also static or flow classes. As your practice progresses, you will have the opportunity to explore advanced classes in the studio as well.

Choosing a teacher:

You must make sure the teacher that guides your practice is a registered or certified one. They have the responsibility to keep you safe while under his or her guidance, so do not settle for less. An experienced yoga teacher has the ability to help you to find your full expression of yourself in class and it will encourage you to develop your own home yoga practice too. Last but not least, follow your gut to find your “perfect” teacher; that is, someone that resonates with your soul and spirit.

Private Yoga Classes:

If the studio scene doesn’t appeal to you because you still don’t feel comfortable or skilled enough (and that’s okay), perhaps in-home private classes would be the best option for your needs. This is a great opportunity to learn one-on-one alignment, pranayama (breathing technique), meditation, philosophy, etc. Whether you are a beginner or a long time practitioner, in-home sessions will be specially tailored to your needs, strengths and potential. Look for a teacher that is registered or certified, has liability insurance in place, and is fully trained in first aid/ CPR. You will be surprised at how affordable in-home yoga sessions can be. Remember one very important thing: it’s your own practice, and whether you opt for a studio or in-home private classes, you must have fun, teacher’s orders.


Janina Lee Del Rio
Janina Lee Del Rio
Offering private in-home yoga practice for all generations and intentions.

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